Meet Randy Narod:
Entrepreneurial Kingpin and Personal Branding Juggernaut

Corporate brand builder Randy Narod stands at the forefront of Long Island business. An entrepreneur since his early 20s, he has launched ten companies — some from the ground-up and others by taking already established entities — to great heights of success. Through it all, he continues to cultivate brands that set new benchmarks in a range of industries, including hospitality, entertainment, and professional networking. Driven to continually challenge the status quo, Randy does not rest as he delivers innovative products and services that change the very way things get done around the globe.

Few people in the world can lay claim to the fervor for business that Randy Narod has. His diligent work ethic is heightened by extraordinary passion and an unrelenting dedication to excellence, hard work and advancement. A day in the life of Randy is comprised of countless meetings, interactions, negotiations and calling the shots — executive style — as the CEO of Worldwide Branding. The leading personal and corporate branding organization is a 100+-employee operation, one that caters to a membership base of more than 600,000 executives, professionals and entrepreneurs. Under his leadership, the corporation forges ahead of the competition and continues to break the mold of the traditional “Who’s Who” registry, offering members access to powerful branding and networking tools.

But it doesn’t stop there. Randy is a true luminary in the service and hospitality industries — a highly accomplished individual whose effective leadership style has enabled him to successfully run several businesses at once. He currently co-owns eight Long Island Bagel Cafés (LIBC) in Bellmore, Glen Cove, Long Beach, Oceanside, Merrick and Nesconset, as well.

When Randy Narod speaks, people listen — and they are moved to action. For anyone who has dealt with this bright, ambitious and industrious leader, it is clear that they are working with an inspired man; someone who is motivated to deliver creative solutions for today’s world, while anticipating tomorrow’s challenges. And as Worldwide Branding nears its 15th anniversary, his staff also observes a man who is embarking on a new leg of his journey to victory and accomplishment.

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